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Editor in Chief

Looking for an Editor in Chief to play an important role by building a robust content strategy which is a significant part of business success of the project.

Areas of responsibility:

Editor in Chief is responsible for the content and images used on a website:

  • Development of content strategy and plan;

  • Organization effective content structure and categories on the website;

  • Establishing high performing routines and algorithms for regular content update; Regular content update in line with the content plan;

  • Making sure of content efficiency in terms of traffic, analyzing, reporting;

  • Producing new content and writing it in an interesting and appealing manner; edit the content;

  • Ready to process and organize big amounts of content;

  • Sourcing images and artwork, and commissioning photographers;

  • Liaising with clients or internal departments (site team development, digital marketing);

  • Maintaining the site once it is live and ensuring the information is accurate;

  • Supporting PR strategy;

Ongoing tasks:

  • Organizing analytical content about insurance companies, brokers, banks and mobile providers allowing customers to see the objective picture of the market and understand complex products;

  • Arrange ratings, rankings, independent surveys, opinions to make up the lists of best product suppliers in various categories;

  • Creating suppliers profiles, product profiles, educational information;

  • News content (press releases, analytical articles, publications, interviews, blogs, ratings resutls;

  • Market surveys content, blogs, polls; interview organization;

  • SMM management jointly witht Digital Marketing;

  • Organizing newsletter and subsctiption;

  • Content promotion through newsletter and social networks;

  • Regular statistics and comprehensive reporting, regular monitoring of content performance and its effect on views;

Requirements to a candidate’s skills:

  • Editor in Chief for web business or e-commerce business for a few years;

  • Well aware of the areas of finance, insruance and mobile;

  • Excellent organization, planning and controlling skills, PM skills;

  • Action oriented;

  • Exposed, English speaking, worked in western companies;

  • Creative and out of box thinker; ready and able to innovate;

  • Resistant to stress of a startup;

  • Good team player;

  • Ambitious and ready to grow together with the project and bring value;

  • Active, multitask and able to prioritize work schedules;

  • Responsible, well organized, punctual; 


  • SEO performance based;

  • Quantity of customer read the content;

  • Relevance, update, speed of content;


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