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Веселая религия

So there is this devout woman. She  goes to the market to buy some groceries. She walks into a butcher shop and asks the butcher what kind of ham he would suggest. "Here's the 'damn ham'." The butcher says. The woman gets offended, she says she is a religious woman and asks him not to curse in front of her. The butcher explains that it's literally called 'damn ham' and has nothing to do with religion. The woman says "Oh, OK" and buys it.

She comes home and her husband asks her what they are going to have for dinner. She says that she bought some 'damn ham'. The husband gets mad. He tells her, "we don't curse in this house". She explains that it's literally called 'damn ham' at the butcher shop. It's the name. The husband says, "Oh, alright then".

So the dinner time comes and the husband and the wife and their two beautiful children sit at the table. The husband asks the wife to pass him the 'damn ham'. The kids can't believe their ears. One of them says, "Right on, dad! And pass me those fucking potatoes!"

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