Павел Дуров рассказал, что Илья Щербович, которому принадлежат 48% «ВКонтакте», пытался при помощи шантажа заполучить половину Telegram, не оповестив об этом ни общественность, ни акционеров. H&F располагает письмом, которое, по словам Дурова, было отправлено Щербовичу на следующий день после их встречи.



I am still shocked by yesterday and your letter. You must be out of your mind to think your letter or our conversation could remain secret from VK Board.

I was willing to make that conversation private only if the conversation would be about our constructive work within VK as planned. Instead you told me about criminal actions you conspired to blackmail Telegram and then wanted me to conspire with you behind the back of VK Board. I cannot leave this as it is, the VK Board must be aware of your actions and is cc'ed.

You illegally seized control of Telegram LLC and Digital Fortress LLC by bribing both Ilya Perekopsky and his friend Axel Neff, after which you sought to secretly exchange it for 48% of the Telegram project. And you seem to perfectly understand what you do, which makes matters worse.

Axel Neff is a manager of Telegram and a friend of Ilya Perekopsky who helped the project register its legal entities in the US. I have correspondence with Axel from early March clearly indicating that he understood he was supposed to be in the process of finding ways to transfer Telegram's U.S. entities to a non-profit structure we found suitable; instead, you offered him a deal and he secretly sold the entities to you.

The Telegram team lead by my brother provided 100% of technology, design, support, PR and leadership for the project and I provided 100% of the funds. You were aware of the fact that Axel was just a manager that was getting some things done for Telegram in the US, not an actual owner. Yet you chose to deal with him to overtake the Telegram entities and then blackmail me. How did you hope to get away with all this? Does Axel understand the consequences of what he did?

Your claim about me using the resources of VK for Telegram is preposterous. I have all the paperwork for millions of dollars of my money that was put into Telegram, including my personal money put directly into entities that you accroached. I am fully open to any scrutiny by the Board and, if I am proved wrong, I am willing to compensate any dollar or asset of VK used for Telegram.

The idea that Telegram could theoretically be a part of VK is simply insane. Telegram is an encrypted and safe communication tool for global audience, which by design could not be subject to Russian laws and Russian secret services. Including an initiative that refuses to process requests from Russian security agencies into a Russian company could only jeopardize the holding Russian company and achieve nothing, which is evident for all the Board Members of VK except those nominated by you.

Talking about the possible legal action you mention, you can't really hope that some statements you might have bought from Perekopsky or Axel could be relevant.

To make it clear, Ilya Perekopsky told me three weeks ago in London that you promised him several million dollars if he helped you act against me or Telegram. What is even more alarming is that, according to your yesterday's words, you were willing to forgive Perekopsky millions of dollars stolen from VK, possibly because he is your ally.

Judging by the document you sent, by seizing Telegram LLC and Digital Fortress LLC and holding them as captives you hoped to force me and my brother to let you secretly appropriate 48% of Telegram. You explicitly wanted to hide this transaction from other shareholders of VK and invited your lawyer Yuri Kachuro to join us to clarify whether this can be done without the knowledge of any party, including Mail.ru.

I can end this letter only the same way I ended our yesterday's conversation: I will not sit at the same table with a person who resorts to crime. You can't just get away with stealing property worth millions of dollars.


Из письма следует, что Илья Щербович обратился к американскому партнёру Павла Дурова — Акселю Неффу, чтобы заполучить 48% мессенджера Telegram. Не обошлось в этой истории и без Ильи Перекопского, который ранее поделился, что Щербович заплатит ему несколько миллионов долларов, если тот поможет ему противостоять Павлу. В случае успеха он пообещал простить ему многомиллионные хищения из «ВКонтакте». Обо всех этих махинациях Дуров уже оповестил членов совета директоров.

Что же касается прав на Telegram, то он пояснил, что американские компании, купленные Щербовичем, не контролируют само приложение, так как сертификаты и подписи находятся в руках команды разработчиков. «Он может попытаться загрузить новый Telegram в App Store (хотя едва ли это удастся сделать, так как Apple уже уведомлён о ситуации), но пользователи приложения не будут на него обновлены. Думаю, что ситуация полностью под контролем», — добавил Павел.