Balalaikas, Russian dolls, vodka, and caviar are not bad per se, however, you can bring something more interesting from Russia, like clothes with Cyrillic prints, local gastronomic treats and other heartwarming souvenirs.


When it comes to Russian fashion, Gosha Rubchinskiy is the first name that comes to mind of the Westerners. Cyrillic script and post-Soviet culture are still considered trendy, so don't hesitate to buy T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball hats with Russian words printed on them: «Русский андерграунд» [Russian underground], «Негатив» [Negative], «День и Ночь»  [Day and Night], etc. Check out the brand “Dva Myacha” [Two balls], a Russian alternative to Vans and Converse. They copy 60-70s soviet sneakers design using modern materials. You definitely won’t see those on every other guy.

Outlaw Moscow, 25 000 rubles

Outlaw Moscow, 31 000 rubles

Outlaw Moscow, 27 500 rubles

Outlaw Moscow, 12 000 rubles

Sever, 18 200 RUBLES

Gosha Rubchinskiy, 14 600 RUBLES

Felix Malikovich, 6 500 RUBLES


Sputnik 1985 sweatshirt, 3 900 RUBLES

Volchok sweatshirt, 3 000 RUBLES

Sputnik 1985 sweatshirt, 2 900 RUBLES

Sputnik 1985 sweatshirt, 2 500 RUBLES

Relevant Negative cap, 1 400 RUBLES

Sputnik 1985 backpack, 2 500 RUBLES

Sputnik 1985 shopping bag, 500 RUBLES

Fusion backpack, 4 800 RUBLES

Fusion bumbag, 3 989 RUBLES

Creepy Crawl socks, 590 RUBLES

Lecharlatan socks, 720 RUBLES

1974 sneakers, 4 200 RUBLES

На фотографии: КМ20

Shops to check out


ADDRESS: Stoleshnikov lane, 2

If you decide to purchase some Gosha Rubchinskiy, this is the place to go. Besides, they sell other Russian brands worth checking— Walk Of Shame, Nina Donis, Sever.

Sektsiya [Section]

ADDRESS: Red Square, 3

This two-storey and 400 square meter shop in the heart of Moscow (in GUM) is a showcase of Russian achievements in the field of fashion. Here you can find popular brands such as ZDDZ and Sorry I’m not, or less known On Course and Sergey Soroka, Masterpiece, 7ka, Laroom, Erma.


ADDRESS: Dmitrovskiy lane, 7; Povarskaya st., 35/28; Krasnoproletarskaya 30 bld.1

The first Russian concept store that was opened in far 1977. Now Leform has four stores with clothes and interior design. Three of them are situated in the historic centre of Moscow.


ADDRESS: Tvetnoy Boulevard, 15 bld.1

A department store that you wouldn't want to leave empty-handed (you simply won’t be able to resist!) It has a wide selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty brands, including Russian ones.


ADDRESS: Malaya Molchanovka, 6

Another concept store with an interesting brand selection and high prices. Fans of Ashish, Damir Doma, Undercover, Fear of God and other luxury brands are always welcome here.

Belief Moscow

ADDRESS: Leontyevskiy lane, 5

This store is mainly focused on Japanese brands. If you are familiar and fine with price tags of Visvim, Wacko Maria, NEIGHBORHOOD, WRYHT by OLD JOE & CO, come over for some shopping here.


ADDRESS: Petrovskiy boulevard, 21; Bolshaya Polyanka 65/74 bld.3

One of the shops that had an important role to play in Russian street style and sneaker culture promotion. Stop by for a pair of perfectly fitting jeans or a cool trainers release.


These pins capture the spirit of modern Russia, don’t take up much space and hardly weigh anything.

«Старая школа», [Old school] 400 RUBLES

Years and years ago Soviet kitchens were equipped with gas stoves that were lighted with matches. This is why “Old school” on the pin is so appropriate.

«Дорожная сумка», [Travel bag] 400 RUBLES

A cheap travel bag has been in high demand in Russia since perestroika. It can be often spotted on a flight or train trip.

Pins «Mast» [Suit]

«CHUK AND GEEK» ON TVERSKAYA METRO STATION: Bolshoy Palashevskiy lane, 9


Athletes, 300 RUBLES

A fragment of Kazimir Malevich «Athletes» painting. Suprematism and so on.

«Woman with rake», 300 RUBLES

A fragment of another well-known Malevich piece of art, “Woman with rake”.

Heart of Moscow pins

«TSVETNOY» DEPARTMENT STORE: (LEVEL 2, ITEMS): Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 15 bld.1

GARAGE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART: Krymskiy val, 9/32, Gorky Park

MUSEUM OF MOSCOW: Zubovskiy boulevard, 2





Moscow State University is one of the symbols of Moscow and the most prestigious educational institution in Russia.

Spasskaya Tower, 300 RUBLES

Spasskaya Tower is a part of Moscow Kremlin.

Mercedes, 350 RUBLES

A German representative class car brand that was especially popular among crime lords in the 90s and was a symbol of wealth.

Tetris, 350 RUBLES

Tetris is another thing that would always be associated with the 90s in Russia. Almost every kid used to own this toy.

Fan merchandise

New York Yankees baseball hats, Pittsburg hockey jerseys or Lionel Messi Barcelona football shirt can be spotted all over the world. So a CSKA shirt with Sergey Ignashevich name in Latin will make you stand out from the usual fan crowd. Occasionally, you will also have to comment on how to pronounce that name right.

If you are not ready for Russian football club shirts just yet, you can get a cap or a scarf to try things out.



Spartak, 5 490 RUBLES

Dinamo, 9 990 RUBLES

Zenit, 3 199 RUBLES

Сборная Россия (домашняя), 4 990 Rubles

Сборная Россия (гостевая), 4 990 Rubles



Spartak, 990 RUBLES

Lokomotiv, 990 RUBLES

Zenit, 1 500 RUBLES

Dinamo, 600 RUBLES

FC Lokomotiv and FC Dinamo don't have offline shops, but their merchandise can be ordered online with 1-3 days delivery.


ADIDAS: Krasnaya presnya st., 23

FC SPARTAK MOSCOW OFFICIAL STORE: Krasnaya presnya st., 21

PFC CSKA OFFICIAL STORE: Zemlyanoy val st., 8



Spartak, 1 190 RUBLES

Dinamo, 990 RUBLES

For culture lovers and geeks

(vinyl + books + comic books)


In the Soviet times the album covers of foreign musicians and famous bands were translated into Russian. It's now pretty easy to buy The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Nazareth albums released in the USSR (with the titles in Russian). They can easily become a gem of every vinyl collection. Don't forget to get Muslim Magomayev, Vladimir Vysotskiy or Alla Pugacheva as well.

You can order vinyl from an online store (pay in cash upon 1-3 days courier delivery). Or you can shop offline:

DiG Store

ADDRESS: Staraya Basmannaya st., 15A bld.15 (Bauman Garden)

Nazareth, 600 RUBLES

Black Sabbath, 350 RUBLES

Elthon John, 250 RUBLES

Giorgio Moroder, 100 RUBLES

Kino, 1 000 RUBLES


Vladimir Vysotskiy, 600 RUBLES

Alla Pugacheva, 200 RUBLES

Leontyev, 250 RUBLES

Comic books

Check out some Russian comic books. Your geek friends probably won't fully understand the plot, but will fully embrace the vibe. Major Grom is not some Marvel Captain America.

«1С INTERES»: Vozdvizhenka, 4/7 bld.1, level 2

«CHUK AND GEEK» ON TVERSKAYA METRO STATION: Bolshoy Palashevskiy lane, 9

Major Grom comics, 349 RUBLES

Pigeon Gennadiy comics, 300 RUBLES

Winnie Barton comics, 180 RUBLES

Children of hangover comics, 150 RUBLES

Bakee №1 comics, 120 RUBLES

Photo: Tula biscuit (pryanik)

Food as a gift

First of all, consider buying Russian dessert specialties from all over the country. Choose your favorite! Tula pryanik is a pastry with icing and jam inside. Kozinaki are sweet bars made of peeled seeds and honey. Chak-chak is a pastry with honey. Do not underestimate Russian condensed milk (it is special!)l. Dagestan urbech is an alternative to peanut butter made of flax, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, apricot pits or nuts. Ivan-chai is a fermented herbal tea that is both refreshing and soothing. Even your grandma will be delighted. Oh, and don’t forget sushki (Russian pretzels) and baranki (Russian bagels). They could make the best low budget presents to bring back home.

You can buy all of this at Vkusvill or Gorod-sad grocery shops and at the local markets.

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