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Tour guide in Moscow

We're looking for a tour guide in Moscow for tourists from Canada, USA, UK, Australia etc. 

The vacancy is ideal for students and people with flexible timetable. 

It is not on a regular basis, it's more of a part-time job, sometimes spontaneous :) That makes it more fun. 

No experience in guiding is required, though we expect you to:

1. Love Moscow and explore it A LOT

2. Read about Moscow A LOT. Life in Moscow, historical sights, modern coffee shops, popular places, cosy cafes, trendy bars, fashionable clubs, what's going on in the city - you will have to be updated on all of this

3. Have FLEXIBLE schedule and be ready to guide on week days (Monday - Friday), as well as weekend. 

4. Be open for ideas, be creative, energetic, dynamic, and super ACTIVE! Your energy is what we need!

5. We meet every Friday for ideas sharing and just for a chat and a coffee. Are you ready for that? Do you have enough time to be social? ;)

6. Be diverse and have something UNIQUE about you. Are you a history buff? A party animal? A super friendly and open person? You should stand out somehow and have bright personality. 

7. And last, but not least, you are expected to SMILE, smile, smile. Surprisingly, but everybody wants to have a positive guide on the tour )

All other details are discussed personally. 

Write to [email protected]

or Facebook:

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